Munir Mumtaz Ali Jaffer

Padgett is pleased to announce the addition of Munir Mumtaz Ali Jaffer to the firm. Munir is a highly qualified financial services team member, and has achieved the esteemed designation of: CPA, CGA (Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario), CPT (Certified Treasury Professional, Association of Financial Professionals), and FMVA (Financial Modelling and Valuation Analyst, Corporate Finance Institute). He has also achieved a Masters in Computer Science (MSc).

Munir migrated to Canada in 2005 at the age of 26 years old, and worked hard for 15 years to achieve his many professional designations and establishing his family in Canada. Overall, his career is extensive in financial services and includes working as a Manager of Capital Markets and Treasury at Brookfield Asset Management, Inc. (2017-2020), a Manager of Corporate Accounting and Treasury at Uranium One, Inc. (2014-2017), and as a Senior System Accountant at Uranium One, Inc. (2012-2014).

Munir is dedicated to helping business owners because he is an entrepreneur himself in many ways. He understands that business owners want to realize their dreams to “fly” and he values directing new business owners with his expertise in showing them how to help their business thrive in every economy.

Additionally, Munir is an active community volunteer, and works in the community around 25-30 hours a month either with in-person participation or using online resources. Munir also enjoys spending time outdoors walking within his community, developing new resources to help others and expanding his professional client and personal networks naturally. He is a follower of the philosophies for living your best life as shown to us from Rumi the Persian poet, who once stated, “What you seek is seeking you,” and “Everything in the universe is within you and “Ask all from yourself.”

In his personal life, Munir takes out time to meditate as regularly as possible and knows that the preservation of assets is a great resource for new business owners. He looks constantly for new ideas to help business owners achieve their business profit goals, and his expertise is ready to help these businesses soar to the next level in this quarter and going towards the next year in every economic scenario.